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Automation & Control

Making the individually designed systems work together is critical. This is the role of the ship’s control and automation system. It integrates the main systems and allows the crew to manage vital ship operations.

Electrical Distribution

Boats are much like mobile power plants, generating critical energy to the functioning of the ship. The energy management aboard a ship is thus crucial. For these specific pieces of equipment, Techsol Marine offers innovative solutions from design to installation.


Whether you are undertaking a new build or a retrofit for an existing ship, our team of experts is able to deliver consoles and standard or personalized cabinets suited to your specific need.

Propulsion & Hybrid

With multiple propulsion system delivered around the world, ranging from Diesel-Mechanical, Diesel-Electric, to battery hybrid propulsions, Techsol is well equipped to be your propulsion system integrator (PSI) or simply deliver specific propulsion controls.

We are at your service

We offer a multitude of services so we can effectively design the best option tailored to your needs and finish your projects on time. From a simple consultation to project management or even for the training of your team, Techsol Marine offers diverse services that allow you to turn your plans into a reality.

Project Management

In order to ensure the success of your project, our team of project managers will support you every step of the way to produce and deliver a unique and innovative solution that fulfills your requirements.

On-Site Management

In addition to project management, we have the capability to support your project with qualified on-site workforces wherever your business takes you. Our dedicated team will support all steps of the installation process, ensuring that standards and regulations are met.

Electrical Integration

Electrical Integration is a critical step to the success of your project. Techsol’s electrical integration team combines over 80 years of experience in electrical integration, from small vessels to war ships, into packages ready for installation. By counting engineers whom have worked within the regulation agencies and shipyards, Techsol is uniquely positioned to de-risk your project.


Enabling your crew members to understand the vessel’s functionalities is crucial to your day-to-day operations. As a complementary package to a specific project, Techsol Marine is proud to offer training and orientation sessions with crew members.


At Techsol Marine, we have the ability to provide you with an experienced workforce to help with on-site equipment installation. We operate to the highest industry standards and in full compliance with classification society requirements.

Electrical Systems Upgrades

Techsol’s expertise with the regulations in North America and expertise with most electrical systems found onboard enables us to guide you in your system upgrade such as mid-life upgrades, class notation upgrade, conversion to hybrid and others.

Electrical Studies and Feasibility Analysis

You can contact Techsol Marine before you implement a new electrical distribution system design to ensure safe, efficient and economical operation. Techsol Marine has an extensive engineering tool set to carry out system analysis such as short circuit and coordination studies.

Build-to-Print Production Service

Techsol Marine has a mature ISO 9001 production plant that can offer build-to-print services for customers looking to outsource production and potentially gain Canadian Content Value (CCV) in their project.

Why we are this good?

Our goal is to be a leading player in the global maritime market. We will realize this by delivering industry-leading technological solutions and 24/7 reliable services to our customers.

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Techsol Marine stands out because our team of experts capitalizes on their experience and expertise with passion to make every project a success.