About Us

For more than 20 years now, our customers have trusted Techsol Marine with our reliable systems, our innovative vision and our dedicated employees. The company has earned a reputation as a world leader in the marine industry.

With Techsol Marine, our customers not only benefit from our extensive technical experience in marine electrotechnology, but can also count on the expertise of certified employees to service the equipment we provide worldwide. Our ability to provide rapid and qualified expertise has proven to be crucial for customer support.


In the last 20 years, Techsol Marine has equipped over 400 vessels around the world with systems ranging from simple Alarm & Monitoring (AMS) to full integration of power distribution, propulsion, consoles, navigation equipment, and others. Every system is designed, fabricated, assembled and tested at Techsol’s headquarter in Quebec City.


Electromechanical systems are at the heart of a ship’s operations and a malfunction generally has significant impacts for its operator. It’s in this mindset that our team of experts implements the highest standards of the maritime industry to ensure operational continuity regardless of the navigation conditions.


Techsol Marine stands out because our team of experts capitalizes on their experience and expertise with passion to make every project a success.


Our goal is to be a leading player in the global maritime market. We will realize this by delivering industry-leading technological solutions and 24/7 reliable services to our customers, meeting their needs, ensuring uninterrupted operations and exceeding their expectations.

Techsol is also certified ISO 9001 and has a dedicated person for QHSE.